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- On the Road
(dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque at Isfahan)

This page shows photos taken during a journey in Iran which is covered in more detail in other pages of this section.

A mausoleum and Mt. Karkas (3,895m/12,778ft) on the road to Abyaneh

Road which from Kotal-i Pir-i Zan (Pass of the Old Woman) (1,712m/5,616ft) goes down to Bishapur (800m/2,600ft)

Desert on the road to Isfahan ...

.... and on the road to Chak Chak

Christian cemetery near Shiraz

A gigantic "mosalla", an open air mosque, being built near Takht-e Fulad, the ancient cemetery of Isfahan

Tehran - Museum of Contemporary Art - Sculpture Park

Tehran - Restaurant Firdousi - Italian-style illusionistic paintings

The image used as background for this page shows a gorge on the Shiraz-Bishapur road.

Achaemenid Pasargadae and Persepolis
Sassanid Bishapur
Achaemenid Tombs and Sassanid Reliefs near Persepolis
Zoroastrian survivors
Seljuk small towns (Ardestan, Zavareh and Abarquh)
Seljuk Isfahan
XIVth century Yazd
Safavid Isfahan
XVIIIth century Shiraz
Qajar Kashan
Post Scriptum
An excursion to Abyaneh
People of Iran
Persian Roses

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