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- Bagan - Other Postcards from Bagan
(Inle Lake)

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Manuha Pagoda: gigantic statues of Buddha (1067) (you may wish to read Wikipedia's entry - it opens in a separate window)

Thatbyinnyu Pagoda and details of its decoration (1150) (Wikipedia's entry)

Gubyaukgyi Pagoda and details of its decoration including some rare paintings (1113) (Bagan website)

Payathonzu Pagoda and a nearby building (1200 ca) (Wikipedia's entry)

(left) Seinnyet Ama (XIth century) (Bagan website); (right) Nandamannya Pagoda (XIIIth century) (Bagan website)

Leimyethna Pagoda (1223) and details of its decoration (Bagan website)

Unidentified Pagodas

Pagoda near Leimyethna Pagoda

Bell-shaped pagodas opposite Leimyethna Pagoda

Small pagodas in the compound of a hotel at New Bagan

Pagodas at sunset

"Complex of the Five Pagodas" and a detail of its decoration

A small pagoda near "Complex of the Five Pagodas"

Landscape near "Complex of the Five Pagodas"

Other pagodas near "Complex of the Five Pagodas"

Pagodas at a restaurant

Scenes of Life

(left) At the market; (right-above) betel leaves (Wikipedia's entry); (right-below) fish paste

Safety First!

At the restaurant by the river


The image used as background for this page shows a statue of Buddha at a small pagoda.

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