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Page revised in December 2010.

Baroque Rome in the etchings of Giuseppe Vasi
Sulle magnificenze di Roma Antica e Moderna

Book 6 - Le Chiese Parrocchiali (The Parish churches*)

Two Apostles showing an early church to the first Christians in a small etching in the opening page of Book 6

Plate 101 - Battisterio Lateranense (L/9)
Plate 102 - S. Maria in Campo Carleo (H/7)
Plate 103 - S. Agnese fuori delle mura (O.o.m.)
Plate 104 - S. Maria a Trevi (G/5)
Plate 105 - S. Lorenzo in Lucina (G/4)
Plate 106 - S. Niccolò de’ Perfetti (F/4)
Plate 107 - S. Ivo dei Brittoni (F/4)
Plate 108 - S. Simeone Profeta (E/4)
Plate 109 - SS. Celso e Giuliano (D/4)
Plate 110 - S. Tomaso in Parione (E/5)
Plate 111 - S. Caterina della Ruota (E/6)
Plate 112 - S. Maria in Monticelli (F/7)
Plate 113 - S. Eustachio (F/5)
Plate 114 - S. Lucia alle Botteghe oscure (F/6)
Plate 115 - S. Marco (G/6)
Plate 116 - SS. Venanzio e Ansovino (G/7)
Plate 117 - S. Maria in Campitelli (F/7)
Plate 118 - S. Niccolò in Carcere (G/8)
Plate 119 - S. Grisogono (E/8)
Plate 120 - S. Giacomo in Scossacavalli (C/4)
(*) to see a list of some 400 churches of Rome click here
(the combination of letter/number shown next to each plate refers to the clickable map of 1912 Rome here below; O.o.m.=out of map; see the map in Book 5)

Clickable map which shows also in black the plates of Book 9 - The Colleges and Hospitals of Rome. The numbers in the map are the numbers of the plates less 100

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