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Page revised in December 2010.

Baroque Rome in the etchings of Giuseppe Vasi
Sulle magnificenze di Roma Antica e Moderna

Book 4 - I Palazzi e le Vie pił celebri (The most famous Palaces* and Streets)

Domus Romuli, the house of Romulus, a small etching in the opening page of Book 4

Plate 61ii - Palazzo Augustale detto Maggiore (H/9)
Plate 61 - Palazzo Pontificio sul Quirinale (H/5)
Plate 62 - Palazzo Rospigliosi (H/5)
Plate 63 - Palazzo Colonna (H/6)
Plate 64 - Palazzo Odescalchi (G/6)
Plate 65 - Palazzo S. Marco della Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia (G/6)
Plate 66 - Palazzo Panfilio (G/6)
Plate 67 - Palazzo Colonna di Sciarra (G/5)
Plate 68 - Palazzo Ruspoli sul Corso (G/4)
Plate 69 - Palazzo Borghese (F/3)
Plate 70 - Palazzo Madama (F/5)
Plate 71 - Palazzo Sacchetti sulla Strada Giulia (D/5)
Plate 72 - Palazzo Corsini (D/7)
Plate 73 - Palazzo Farnese (E/6)
Plate 74 - Palazzo della Cancelleria Apostolica (E/6)
Plate 75 - Palazzo Pio (E/6)
Plate 76 - Palazzo Massimi detto delle Colonne (E/6)
Plate 77 - Palazzo Marescotti (F/6)
Plate 78 - Palazzo Mattei (G/7)
Plate 79 - Palazzo Altieri (G/6)
Plate 80 - Palazzi di Campidoglio (G/7)
(the combination of letter/number shown next to each plate refers to the clickable map of 1912 Rome here below)

Clickable map which shows also (in blue) the plates of Book 3 - The Basilicas and the Old Churches of Rome

(*) to see a list of some 300 palaces and villas of Rome click here

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