The Map

The Map was published in 1781 and it is one of Vasi's last works.

It is not a map in a technical sense, it is rather a bird's eye view with more than 300 points of interest clearly identified.
The view is taken from the West, so top is East, left is North and right is South.

Section A1 - Villa Albani
Section A2 - Porta Pia
Section A3 - Porta S. Lorenzo
Section A4 - S. Croce in Gerusalemme
Section B1 - Villa Giulia
Section B2 - Trinitą de' Monti
Section B3 - Palazzo del Quirinale
Section B4 - Terme Antoniane
Section C2 - Porto di Ripetta
Section C3 - Isola Tiberina
Section C4 - Porta S. Paolo
Section D1 - Porta Angelica
Section D2 - S. Pietro
Section D3 - Porta S. Pancrazio

From each section you can then reach Vasi's etchings showing the monuments of that section.
Note: sections C1 and D4 do not show any remarkable sites. The 1781 map by Giuseppe Vasi shows most of the monuments of Rome, but not all of them. See the list of links to pages showing monuments not mentioned in the map.

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