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Prague Dominoes

In May 2002 I visited Prague and I saw in an art gallery a sculpture which gave me the idea to present a dominoes set to the visitors of my website. The usual 0-6 numbers are replaced by images of Prague grouped in the following seven categories:
Towers (red border)
Baroque Windows (blue border)
Baroque Doors (green border)
Secese Art (magenta border)
Early Cubism (white border)
Great Architects (black border)
St John Nepomuk (yellow border)

Each page contains 4 domino pieces and a brief description of the images (some of which were taken at Kutna Hora, Pardubice and Hradec Kralove). As my knowledge of the history and art of Prague is very limited I welcome advice on these descriptions.
The background of this page is based on a modern sculpture in Bolzanova square in Prague.

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